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A Little About Me...

As a child, when I discovered paints and a brush, I was in heaven. The act of painting for me was almost therapeutic. I remember coming home from school, after I had discovered this activity, and I would fill a container with water, and with a nice sized house-painting brush, I would proceed to "paint" the roof of the dog house. The water would create a wonderful "wet paint" effect on the bright green roof. This activity soothed my soul! It was as if my soul was telling me in a very clear way what my purpose was in my life....Colour is my passion. So you mix colour and painting and you get....the artist as a painter!

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My Education...

1978-80 M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts), Painting,
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
1974-78 B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts),
Mount Allison University,
Sackville, NB

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My Art Galleries...

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Contact Me...

If you like what you see, don't be afraid to contact me to find out more about my art.

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